From professional snowboarders to dedicated weekend skiers, we treat many active adults who love spending their days on the hill.

Proactive Care vs Injury Recovery

Some patients proactively visit Regenexx Cayman in the off-season, wanting to boost their joint health before next season.

“As a 65+ year old skier, who skis over 100 days per season, my stem cell procedure was successful. I now ski with no brace and no swelling in some of the steepest, most rugged terrain in North America!” – M. Shambaugh, Regenexx-C Patient

Following an acute injury, other patients trade their snowy mountains for our sandy beaches and have stem cell or PRP treatment to promote natural healing, decrease joint pain, and improve function.

This was the case for professional snowboarder, and 2014 Olympic athlete, Taylor Gold.

A Professional Snowboarder’s Tale of Recovery

Taylor Gold shattered his kneecap on the slopes in 2016, and despite exhausting all surgical options, the cartilage underneath his kneecap remained damaged.

Struggling with pain and limited function, Taylor turned to stem cell therapy to support his healing.

“Before I had the Regenexx treatment, I was constantly dealing with knee popping, and my knee would hurt when I went snowboarding. It would get more and more sore, and at the end of the day, it would be really swollen. Having that treatment fix that issue was a huge help.” – Taylor Gold, Regenexx-C Patient

Now back to competing in the halfpipe, Taylor Gold was eager to share his inspirational story of recovery. Watch his mountaintop testimonial below.

Explore Your Treatment Options

Whether you are looking to be proactive, address an orthopedic issue, avoid surgery, or augment surgical repair, we encourage you to explore your options.

At Regenexx Cayman we believe in empowering patients through education. Whatever your ski or activity level, schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our physicians and gain a clear understanding of your treatment options and expected outcomes.

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