Welcome to Regenexx Cayman – offering the most advanced orthopedic stem cell treatment in the world, our procedures are performed by the inventors, not the adopters. Your outcome is our priority, not simply a possibility.

Backed by the most substantial published research, our non-surgical procedures are precise and patient-specific. We envision a future, where empowered patients harness their body’s natural healing power. Where they walk in and walk out of procedures with minimal downtime. Where regenerative treatment is the norm, not the exception.

We hope you choose Regenexx Cayman as a partner in your orthopedic care.

“Things are going to be hurting a little bit when I’m older; it’s just the nature of the business, so to have something available, to help heal from that is huge.

I have cells banked in Grand Cayman and I’m able to use those in order to improve my quality of life and be able to enjoy the rest of my life.”

Ryan Tannehill – Professional Football Player